How to organise the best Easter egg hunt

Blog-eastereggs1.pngEaster morning just isn’t complete until the kids have raced around the garden filling their baskets with yummy chocolate eggs. Rain, hail or shine get your family and friends together in the backyard for a little hunting and a lot of laughs. You are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime and if it’s your turn to prepare the hunt, use these instructions to make sure you’ve got the best Easter egg hunt on the street.

If you’ve got under 5 year olds, don’t make the hunt too confusing, consider allocating a colour to each child then send them in search of their own coloured eggs.

With older kids, use a poem (see below) to get them started, then hide a clue with each Easter egg to take them along to the next one. Finish with the kids finding the ‘ultimate’ prize which could be their favourite chocolate, a book or a small gift.


The Easter Bunny has been today

He’s dropped some eggs along the way

Follow the clues – you need to be wise

As they will lead you to your prize…

We’ve done all the hard work for you – simply print out or write these clues on strips of paper and hide them in the garden alongside Easter eggs. To make it more challenging, leave off the last word and make them guess what the end of the rhyme is.


Look outside, use your head, somewhere near a flower bed.

It’s short and green and rhymes with glass, you’ll find you next clue on the grass.

For the next clue you’ll need good sense, why not try looking near the fence.

For this next clue you don’t need hours, just go looking in the flowers.

Go to where the water flows, you might even find a hose.

With a trunk and branches and lots of leaves, the next hiding place must be in a tree.

Tip toe tip toe be quiet as a mouse, where is the number of your house?

Find something pretty near your knees it’s also dinner for buzzy bees.


  • Remember to have baskets so kids aren’t dropping eggs/chocolate all over the place 
  • Remember where you hid the eggs just in case the kids don’t have Sherlock Holmes’ detective skills – and the dog goes in search of treats later 
  • If your kids aren’t into chocolate or have allergies, hide some little trinkets. You could even hide Lego pieces and the final prize could be a brand new set  
  • Keep it fair for all kids, no matter what age, with coloured eggs or numbered clues or different hunts for different age groups.

Best of luck with your Easter egg hunt and from all the team at Savills, we wish you and your family a very Happy Easter!



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