Property Styling – what is it?


Guest blog post by Evolve Styling.

Property Styling is the process of preparing a property for sale and is an integral part of the sales process. One benefit from styling is it ensures the property appeals to the right target market, inspiring the buyer to act, whilst also aiding the best sales outcome.

Styling is a solid investment and many of our clients have achieved above sale expectations in the order of 30 times of the cost to style, which is an exceptional ROI (Return on Investment).


What we do as Property Styling experts

We style our client’s properties to showcase its full potential, to increase buyer interest, reduce time to sell, and maximise the sale price.

Evolve styles a wide variety of properties from studio apartments to large family homes, through to luxury residences and coastal retreats.

What sets us apart is not only our styling ability, but our deep understanding of how to present any property to its full potential due to reviewing key factors such as buyer target market/demographics and the physical environment.

Our team of interior designers and stylists spend the time to visit every site, measure and take photos to conceptualise the space. This ensures our styling creates a lifestyle and a connection between the potential buyer and property.


Why EVOLVE is unique

At Evolve we take the time to ensure each project or property is catered to with a personal approach.

We invest the time discussing the project with you on site and everything that is required, along with providing a detailed proposal to follow. We can adjust the styling to suit a partial style, be it if you wish to keep various items in the home, or a full style of an empty property for maximum impact.

We pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service and are renowned for working closely with each client to ensure a successful styling outcome, as well as helping to achieve the best possible sales result.