Vivid Sydney 2019 – What’s On

Blog - Vivid Sydney 2019.pngWhere art, technology and commerce intersect. Three weeks of game changing ideas and seminars, amazing music and light sculptures that transform the city. 24 May – 15 June 2019


Here’s some local installations to visit with family and friends:


Luna Park Sydney

Experience an explosion of colour, light and music as A Kaleidoscopic Tale illuminates more than 3,000 LED lights on the Ferris Wheel every night to reveal the many facets of Luna Park.


Taronga Zoo

Your journey begins at Taronga’s heritage-listed main entrance, brought to life with a dazzling and moving animal projection show. Walk through the gates and explore the illuminated trail that winds through the stunning grounds of Taronga Zoo Sydney, showcasing awe-inspiring giant multimedia light sculptures: meet the magnificent Sumatran Tiger and her new gorgeous tiger cubs, the vividly coloured Marine Turtle, a swarm of tiny buzzing bees and our larger-than-life gorilla family – plus a whole cast of other captivating creatures that will sparkle in the night.


This year each incredible installation and light sculpture tells a fascinating story about wildlife conservation.



Listen to the World

At the top of Chatswood Mall this installation explores themes of global peace and human connection through music. Towering over viewers at six metres tall, the heart shaped sculpture of the world appears to listen to music through giant headphones. Influenced by the 50th anniversary of the original three-day festival of peace and music – Woodstock – the artwork references the idealistic hopes of the 1960’s and focuses on social harmony centred around music. Juxtaposed with the modern setting of Chatswood CBD and state of the art lighting, these ‘flower power’ concepts have been reimagined in today’s technologically driven world.



Robots are leaving factories heading to our homes to clean the floor, help around the house and drive our cars for us. Soon they’ll be a ubiquitous presence in our cities. The installation Woodie questions how urban robots can be designed for peaceful cohabitation between humans and machines, one that brings joy and happiness.


Woodie the free-moving robot draws with chalk on the ground using Chatswood’s public space as a large art canvas. The area in which the robot wanders around is illuminated with ultraviolet lights. As Woodie draws with luminescent chalk, the ground comes alive with a stunning visualisation made of glowing words and drawings. The LED light display integrated in his outer shell helps Woodie communicate with passers-by. He can let you know about his creative process, the direction he intends to move, or cheekily complain if someone blocks his path.


Cascading Harp

Experience a grand yet delicate curtain of light, colour and music where eastern culture meets western technology in a celebration of peace, love and harmony. Cascading down the side of the escalators at the western entrance to the Interchange you’ll be spellbound as you take in this huge installation emitting mesmerising light and melody by emerging Australian artist Zara Pasfield.


Likened to a colossal wind chime, the installation features soft cotton lengths of rope hand dyed in pastel colours inspired by Tibetan prayer flags. Clusters of traditional bells, LED lights and music chime in time to the movement of the ropes.


Trumpet Flowers

You’ll feel as if you’ve shrunk as you approach the super-sized trumpet flower garden at Chatswood Mall. Experience a giant’s musical garden as 30 trumpet flowers from two to five metres tall, tower over you. Play the massive trumpet keys at the centre of the floral forest and make your own spectacular sound and light show in the centre of the Chatswood’s CBD.


I Dance With You

Behold the majesty of the powerful yet delicate wings of the mythical Qilin beast beating along Chatswood Mall, bringing prosperity and peace. In Chinese and East Asian mythology, the Qilin is a holy beast composed of a dragon (qi) and a phoenix (lin) – yin and yang.


The installation depicts the Qilin in flight on a journey through time. Mythical stories of Gods, legendary rulers, and immortals adorn its wings, as well as carvings of nature, inspired by the Classic of Mountains and Seas (Shan Hai Jing), a timeless Chinese text.


Five rows of Qilin wings mysteriously float in the air. Echoing the yin and yang of the legendary creature, the installation combines a static paper cut effect with moving lights juxtaposing the old with the new and the organic with the technological.


Image Source: Destination NSW

For more information, visit the Vivid Sydney website